Presonus introduced new Eris Series studio monitors

A revamped version of the world-class music software ecosystem, PreSonus Sphere, that features the new version of Studio One 6.2 platform

The Essential, or Eris Series are entry level monitors that are ideal for casual creators. Thanks to their compact size and pared down functionality, the Eris series provides a path for casual listeners to level up their experience and for recording musicians to build a quality, project studio. While these are the entry level models in the Eris family, they do not skimp on performance. Most models available in this first tier deliver durable, versatile, Bluetooth functionality, on-board tuning, headphone outputs, and above all else, unbiased crystal-clear sound. 

Adding a subwoofer to full-range speakers enables users to hear the low-frequency foundation of mixes more accurately, better-informed decisions and create more translatable mixes can be made. Specially designed to complement the voicing and frequency response of Eris and Eris Studio-series, the surprisingly loud Eris Sub 8BT drops down to 30 Hz, allowing those to hear the full sonic spectrum and produce better music. PreSonus Eris models include: Eris 3.5, Eris 3.5 BT, Eris 4.5 BT, Eris 5 BT and Eris Sub 8 BT.

Info: Presonus