Erica Synths announced two new devices

Dada Noise II and Quadraphonic Surround Panner are designed to experiment ambient and industrial sounds

Born from Erica Synth and Liquid Sky collaboration, Dada Noise System II boasts a modular synth-lab dedicated to create all kind of abstract organic analog noise, ambient soundscapes, industrial noise, bad bass,  spheric atmospheres and so on.  Every single module of the system is already a sound source of its own, therefore the possibilities for sound, noise and atmo-experiments are endless.

The Quadraphonic Surround Panner is expander row of modules designed for the Dada Noise System II. It features 2 Black Joystick 2, 2 Black Mixer/Splitter, 2 Black VCA 2, 2 Black Stereo Delay, and comes  with side panels and an external PSU. Quadraphonic Surround Panner integrated with Dada Noise System II makes it the perfect tool for film postproduction, installation works, game-sound design or quadraphonic performances.

Info: Erica Synths