u-heTyrell N6: powerful and freeware

The soft-synthesizer boasts a virtual analog classic architecture with over 580 presets.

Developed by u-He for german magazine AMAZONA, Tyrell N6 is a virtual instrument that features a virtual analog classic architecture. The sound-engine comprises 2 oscillators, noise, ring modulator, 2 LFOs with 8 waveforms, host-syncable, audio source mixer with authentic overdrive and filter feedback, twin filter related to Diva, Analogue-type ADSR envelopes, loopable or LFO-triggered. Sound-library boasts over 580 preset.

Tyrell N6 requires host software and supports AUv2, VST2/VST3, AAX 32-/64-bit on MacOS systems and VST2/VST3, AAX 32-/64-bit on Windows systems. To download Tyrell N6, go to the Amazona Tyrell N6 V3 page and scroll down until you see the macOS, Windows and Linux links.

Info: u-he