Elegant and technologically advanced, the new USB microphone from Marantz promises performance and versatility of use at a decidedly attractive price.

by Luca Barbieri

MPM-4000U connects to PC/Mac and Android/iOS devices via a USB-C type connection

Careful packaging and a foam-like container structured in compartments, which, if necessary, just insert into a briefcase to keep everything tidy and close at hand. We are talking about the new MPM-4000U, a USB microphone by Marantz Professional and intended for the most demanding users dedicated to direct microphone recording via computer.

The accessory equipment includes a microphone clip and a desk tripod

Inside the package of the device there is everything you need for vocal and/or instrumental recording. In addition to the microphone, in fact, we find a metal desk-tripod, a USB-C/USB-A cable of generous length (3 meters), and a microphone clip. The accessory equipment is completed by quick printed instructions and a card with instructions for registering the product and downloading the supplied software.

Also supplied is a USB Type-C/Type-A cable with a length of 3 meters

The initial impression, to the touch, is that of a device built with good quality materials. The microphone body is in gunmetal-colored satin metal. The weight is substantial but sufficiently contained. At the bottom there are two connection terminals: one USB-C for connection to the computer and one on 1/8 ”TRS minijack for headphones.

Two rotary controls allow you to manage the gain on the input source and the level output from the headphone jack

On the front, proceeding from top to bottom, we find a LED that signals the operation of the device, the mute button and two rotary controls: the first to adjust the input gain, the second to adjust the output level on the headphone socket. The Marantz MPM-4000U features a 14mm electret-type condenser capsule covered with a thin layer of aluminum, which offers cardioid-like polar response.


Compact and beautifully finished, the Marantz MPM-4000U offers everything you need at your fingertips. Let’s briefly see its main features:


MPM-4000U boasts a 14mm elecret capsule covered with a very thin layer of aluminum and protected by an elegantly shaped fixed grille with a retrò design.


This potentiometer allows you to accurately adjust the gain on the input source.


Through this potentiometer it is possible to adjust the level of the output source conveyed through the headphones jack.


An analog stereo output on 1/8 “TRS minijack allows you to drive a pair of headphones or a pair of monitors.


Marantz MPM-4000U connects to PC/Mac and Android/iOs devices via a USB-C type connection and the supplied 3 meter long cable.


This switch allows you to mute the audio input to the device. When active, the status LED turns red.


A led indicates the functional status of the device through two colors: microphone active (green light), microphone off (no light), mute active (red light).


The MPM-4000U is a class-compliant device: it does not require specific drivers for installation. Once connected to one of the USB sockets of the computer, the operating system, in our case Windows 10 64bit, recognizes it and initializes it as an audio device. Bundled with the MPM-4000U, Marantz provides Akai MPC Beats multitrack audio recording software.

On the bottom two terminations: a USB-C type for connection to the computer, and a stereo output on 1/8 “TRS minijack

To download Akai MPC Beats, you must first create an account on the Marantz website, which can be reached at Once you have entered the required data, click on Create Account. Once this is done, you can authenticate yourself on the site and register the product by entering the model and serial number of the device, the latter visible both on the plate on the microphone and under the package. Once the product has been registered, you are automatically directed to a screen from which to proceed with the download of the Akai MPC Beats software, available for both Windows and MacOS systems. A click on the corresponding link and the download starts.

Once the product has been registered, you can download the free software supplied: AKAI MPC Beats

Once the software package, approximately 1GB in size, has been downloaded, you can proceed with the installation. After launching the executable, just follow the instructions on the screen and start the process. Once installation is complete, launch the program. MPC Beats is, to all intents and purposes, a platform for audio recording, manipulation and finalization, which also allows you to work in multitrack mode. The use of the software is simple and intuitive.

In the Preferences just set the MPM-4000U as the audio input and output device and that’s it

After starting an empty project, just set the MPM-4000U as an input and output device in the preferences menu, then create an audio track, adjust the gain and the volume of the monitoring and start to record. Easy, immediate and intuitive. Depending on the use that you intend to do the MPM-4000U, MPC-Beats can be used for vocal recording of sung parts or for the creation of podcasts, or even for instrumental acquisition, for example for the recording of acoustic instruments such as the guitar.

The main screen of AKAI MPC Beats


Here is a short vocal track made using the Marantz MPM-4000U. The recording took place about 20cm from the capsule, without the use of pop filters or screens. The audio source has not been manipulated or finalized with any processor and/or effect. The recording was simply converted from Wave to MP3 format.


Versatile, economical and with features that make it capable of good quality recordings. These are the main advantages of the new Marantz MPM-4000U, capable of returning satisfactory results in various operational areas. Carefully crafted and offered at an attractive price, the Marantz MPM-4000U fits the needs of youtubers, vloggers and podcasters. Thanks to its extended frequency response (30Hz-18kHz) and the ability to withstand sound pressures up to 132dB SPL, the MPM-4000U can meet also the expectations of novice musicians that produce in their home studio and are looking for a plug&play device of versatile and immediate use. Last but not least, the Akai MPC Beats, an audio and music production software equipped with native effects that allow you to immediately get to work without necessarily having to install additional third-party platforms and/or plug-ins. Marantz MPM-4000U costs around $99.


  • Construction
  • Audio quality
  • USB Cable
  • AKAI MPC Beats
  • Unstable tripod in some conditions
  • Connectivity: USB-C
  • Compatibility: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS
  • Typw: Condenser Electret capsule (14mm)
  • Polar diagram: cardioid
  • Frequency response: 30Hz – 18kHz
  • Sensitivity: -32dB (0dB= 1V/Pa @ 1kHz)
  • Max SPL: 130dB (@ 1kHz THD 1%)
  • Stereo Output: 400mW
  • Resolution: 16bit
  • ADC/DAC Sample Rate: 44,1 48kHz
  • Bundle software: AKAI MPC Beats
  • Dimensions: 46mm (diameter) x 168mm (lenght)
  • Weight: 370 grams
Manufacturer: MARANTZ– For Italian customers: SOUNDWAVE