Melda Production introduces V15

The 15th generation of the pluging collection features more than 90 improvements and 35 design updates

Melda Production V15 comprises 114 plugins for professional sound and  audio production. The new V15 version boasts almost 90 improvements and fixes since the last released version. Furthermore over 35 plugins gained new devices GUIs improved intuitive and inspiring graphics design to fasten the workflow. Melda Production V15 improved plugins’ communication with user account. Activation and checking for updates is now a fast and simple.

Among Melda Production V15′s hot features stands out MSoundFactory, an unique virtual instrument and instruments building workshop, that has gained with a huge number of new devices. At the time of the switch to V15, MSoundFactory offers almost thirty-five hundred devices and presets. Melda Productions V15 plugins are avalaible individually, as bundle or subscription.