Tracktion released Davesome’s Novum

Novum is a creative sampler plugin which elegantly combines spectral, granular and subtractive synthesis.

Similar to how a prism takes white light and splits it into separate colors, Novum takes a sound and separates it into natural tone ‘colors’. Its unique decomposition algorithm allows users to break down any sample into layers, providing the freedom to edit them individually. This enables easy cross synthesis via the drag and drop of timbres and envelopes from other samples. The granular engine provides as many as 6 layers and has unique features like Homogenization to create delicate velvet-like sound textures that are hard to achieve with classical granular synthesis. Extracted tone colors can be spectrally modified through the timbre flower that offers variations on the original.

Syntify’ is one of the many innovations in Novum. Coming in ‘two flavors’ it will turn any source material into a hybrid synth sound. The various sound shaping tools in Novum make it easy and inspiring to create fascinating instruments from a single sample. The release of Novum follows the huge success of Abyss. Created by musician Dawesome it follows a similar design philosophy that centers around inspiration and fun. This advanced creative sampler can turn any sound from mundane to beautiful; opening the door to an insane universe of endless sonic possibilities. Normally priced at $179, a 30% discount is available if purchased before 2nd July 2022.

Info: Tracktion