Mixes your tracks everywhere

Acustica Audio Sienna allows to correct headphone response and emulate mixing and mastering rooms

Deveoped by Acustica Audio, Sienna is a plug-in suite designed for users that want to mix and mastering tracks using headphones. According the developer, Sienna features a radically different approach from other plugins in correcting headphones’ response and emulating mixing and mastering rooms, high-end monitors, Hi-Fi systems, car stereos, TVs, radios, laptop speakers, and more. Sienna boasts a unique combination of Acustica’s exclusive sampling technology and a proprietary algorithm not only makes any headphone perform better – regardless of its price point – but recreates on headphones an authentic, mixing-in-the-room feel you can’t find anywhere else. 

At the moment Sienna is avalaible in two volumes: A and B. Volume A Includes 2 studios, an anechoic chamber and 150 headphones emulation profiles. Volume B comprises 7 rooms from 6 studios and 9 speaker set emulations. Prices: 89 euro (Volume A); 69 euro (Volume B). 

Info: Acustica Audio