Nembrini Audio released Quinta Pitch Machine

A simple virtual-effect to experiment unusual sounds with acoustic and electric instruments

Developed by Nembrini Audio, Quinta Pitch Machine allows to process audio sources to create original and unusual sounds. Control interface features four knobs: The +1 OCTAVE knob adds a note that is 1 octave higher than the note you play on your instrument, the –1 OCTAVE adds a note that is 1 octave lower, The +1 FIFTH adds a note that is a fifth higher. With MIX knob you can adjust the balance between dry and wet signals.

Quinta Pitch Machine supports AU, VST2/VST3, AAX platforms and required iLok License Manager and an iLok account. Avalaible from Nembrini Audio site for 29$ until February 21th, then for $49.

Info: Nembrini Audio