Spitfire Audio Originals Intimate Grand Piano

The new virtual instrument features a sample library realized recording a vintage Steinway Model A grand in the intimate acoustics of Castlesound Studios, Scotland

The new Spitfire Audio‘s Intimate Grand Piano is a versatile, up-close-and-personal piano, designed to suit a range of styles — whether for solo composition, accompaniment, or as part of a larger ensemble. A vintage Steinway Model A grand, expertly recorded in the intimate acoustics of Castlesound Studios, Scotland. Three bespoke signals capturing the rich timbre, delicate nuance and wide dynamic range of the instrument in pristine detail: Condenser, Ribbon, and Binaural (providing a true-to-life image of the piano in the room). 

The plug-in features 7 presets — from tight and bright, to profoundly deep, dark and cinematic. The user interface allows you to control 4 parameters: Reverb, Tightness, Hammers and Pedal. Original Intimate Grand Piano is NKS compatible. The library offers about 4GB of samples. Originals Intimate Grand Piano is available on Spitfire Audio‘s site at €29.

Info: Spitfire Audio