Tone Empire Neural Q for free until 1st May

An A.I./Neural Network based virtual effect designed to give your music a very “analog” sound

This plugin captures the dynamic behavior and sound of a well-known Vintage German Equalizer and a modern Solid State PreAmp featuring cinemag transformers. According to Tone Empire’s statements: Circuit Modelling is a technology of the past and can never produce as authentic an analog emulation as RNN (Recurrent Neural Networks).

Tone Empire’s applications are based on AI technologies, literally train a model and parameters of an analog device by feeding it samples of real music material. We train the system with vocals, drums, guitars, full mixes, and other instruments phrases. The Neural Network then creates a model based on weights by replicating the “effect” of the analog gear on the sound. This results in more accurate analog behavior. You can get Neural Q ($49 value) for free, clicking here.

Info: Tone Empire