Solid State Logic Essentials Bundle for $49.99 instead of $479 until May 15th 2022

The SSL Essentials Bundle pairs two of SSL’s most powerful plug-ins for a console-like mixing experience within your DAW.

The SSL’s Essential Bundle features the SSL Channel Strip 2 and the legendary SSL Bus Compressor 2. The Channel Strip 2 emulates the venerable SSL 9000K SuperAnalogue large-format console – an evolution of the 4000E – with the classic 4-band parametric EQ, filter, compressor, and expander/gate configuration. You can switch between the legendary E-series and G-series EQ profiles for added flexibility.

The SSL Bus Compressor 2 is a spot-on digital re-creation of the legendary bus compressor featured on countless hit records. Celebrated for its ability to glue together a mix for a radio-ready sound, few bus compressors are as universally revered. We’re excited to offer this incredible bundle that’s perfect for those starting their journey into the recording arts or seasoned pros who want the sound of an SSL board with the convenience of a plug-in. You can buy SSL Essential Bundle for $49.99 (tax excluded), clicking here.

Info: Solid State Logic