Moog released the new Etherwave Theremin

Based on the original the Moog Etherwave circuitry designed in 1996 by Bob Moog, this evolution features improved precision and portability

With no reeds to blow, no keys to press, and no strings to pluck, the theremin defies all expectations of a musical instrument. It is instead played in a manner that seemingly conjures music from the ether, simply through the motion of the body when close to the instrument.

The new Etherwave Theremin focuses on the preservation of Bob Moog’s legendary theremin circuits to retain all the charm and character that made its predecessors so unique and sought after, while adding a host of new benefits:

– Improved bass response and stability in the lowest registers
Updated antenna connections to enable quick assembly and easy removal for travel
Quick-release mic stand adapter for attaching and detaching the instrument from mic stands
Mute control for setting the instrument in “standby mode” or for “pitch preview” via headphones
CV output integration from Etherwave Plus (Gate Out, Pitch Out, Vol. Out)
 for connecting with other modular, Eurorack, and CV-controlled instruments

Info: MOOG MUSIC – For Italian Customers: MIDIWARE