Yamaha adds two new keyboard to YC Series

YC73 and YC88 feature weighted keys, physical drawbar and a newly designed Virtual Circuitry Modeling Organe engine.

After the YC61 debut few months ago, Yamaha launched two new YC Series models: YC73 and YC88. Designed for gigging keyboardists, the YC Series features a newly designed Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) Organ engine with physical drawbars, extensive real-time control and authentic Acoustic/Electric Piano and FM synth sound.

Both new models boast essentially the same YC61 engine but with larger keyboard: YC73 features a weighted and balanced action that models the unmistakable feel of an electric piano, while YC88 has a natural wood keys with triple sensor action to emulate the feel of  grand pianos. Yamaha YC73 and YC88 have physycal drawbars and a built-in USB stereo Audio/MIDI interface for Mac/PC and iOS devices, useful to record the YC audio and MIDI to a DAW and play and monitor virtual instruments. Prices: 2.999$ (YC73) and 3.499$ (YC88).

Info: Yamaha