United Plugins released UniChannel

A multipurpose virtual channel strip thta boasts 27+ plugins including compressors, EQs and preamps.

Modeled using proprietary VARM II technology, that emulates chaotic behaviour and randomness of the analogue devices, UniChannel features more than 27 plug-ins combinations. Every UniChanne instance allows you to choosr between preamps, compressors and EQs. Thanks to VARM II, each plugin instance acts slightly differently. VARM II models randomness of the subtle differences of the values of the electrical parts – exactly as in the real electrical units and the real console channels. The result is the truest representation of the hardware units’ sound.

UniChannel includes 3 preamp types, 3 kinds of EQ, and 3 compressor types. That makes a total of 27 combinations, with a unique character for each of them. The software doesn’t require iLok, dongle or internet access, but uses license files for activation. UniChannel is avalaible on UnitedPlugins site at intoductory price of €33. Regular price is  €149. A 15-days unlimited trial version for free is also avalaible.

Info: United Plugins