Heavyocity released free Staccato Strings

A virtual instrument powered by Foundation Engine and developed for sound designers and producers

Foundations|Staccato Strings is a free, interesting virtual instrument developed by Heayocity, that allows you to emulate the modern string orchestra sounds. The sample library features short, crisp staccatos paired with a layer of our signature sound design, all housed in a highly customizable interface.

Foundations Staccato Strings requires Native Instruments KONTAKT or KONTAKT PLAYER (version 6.7.1 or later). The main interface of Foundations Staccato Strings consists of three separate sections: the main section features the editable parameters available depending on the current page; a preset navigator on the bottom; and on the left is the section that consists of 4 different controls which allow you to navigate to the various pages in which you can edit and control the sound. You can get Heavyocity Foundations Staccato Strings for free, clicking GET NOW in this page


– 480 Samples
– 2 Sound Sources: Staccato String Orchestra, Ambient String Texture
– 10 Custom Presets
– Gate | Arpeggio control for building complex, rhythmic patterns
– 2 Channel Mixer realtime source blending
– Envelope Control
– Master FX – Punch, Delay, and Reverb

Info: Heavyocity