Spectrasonics announced Bob Moog Tribute 2

Designed for Omnisphere 2 virtual synthesizer, the new sound-library features 1.300 patches ready to use.

Released ten years ago, Spectrasonics Bob Moog Tribute Library has upgraded to version 2. The new collection comprises 1.300 patches, 500 more than the first version, designed for the renowned virtual synthesizer Omnisphere 2. The library requests Omnisphere 2.6 or higher version. The new sounds are developed in collaboration with many famous composers and sound designers like Jean Michel Jarre and Hans Zimmer.  

The soundsources were developed using highly creative processing techniques with gear like rare Buchla Modulars, Jean Michel Jarre’s EMS Synthi AKS, Hans Zimmer’s massive Modular Moog (including 1027 round robin Moog Drum samples) and even Eric Persing’s one-of-a-kind OMG-1. With so many different world-class artists contributing, the library is very rich in style and filled with inspiring, cutting edge sounds. Spectrsonics Bob Moog Tribute  Library 2 is avaiable at $99 on developer site. For the owners of the first version, the upgrade is free of charge. 

Info: Spectrasonics