Spitfire Audio released free Astral Forms

The Labs series’s new instrument was recorded at legendary composer’s home in New York 

Made in collaboration with the charity Abram Wilson — an organization dedicated to providing equal opportunities for underrepresented talent in the music industry, Astral Forms is an ethereal collection of sounds created with vocals, double bass, electric guitar, saxophones and more. Performed by a talented group of musicians and sculpted by the Spitfire Audio team, these range from beautiful and beguiling, to dark and atmospheric — perfect for adding depth and character to your scores. Sounds by: Naima Adams, Emma Johnson, Plumm, Sans Soucis, David Austin Grey, Daniel Kemshell, Joe Downard, Shereece Storrod.

LABS instruments use a dedicated plugin, and better still… they’re absolutely free! They have simplified controls, featuring sliders for expression and dynamics, and a big knob that can be easily customized to the user’s personal workflow. They are clutter-free and focused.

Info: Spitfire Audio