Spitfire Audio released Speculative Memories

Made in collaboration with Yair Elazar Glotman, this new virtual instrument boasts cutting-edge cinematic textures to create suspense and tension atmospheres

Spitfire Audio Speculative Memories is an all-in-one toolkit of multi-layered electroacoustic textures that have been created from a selection of extended techniques performed on double bass, vocals, guitar, as well as modular synths sounds, custom tape loops and more — developed into visceral abstract environments through sophisticated granular processing and layering techniques.

Speculative Memories is inspired by the rich sound design and experimental double bass playing in Glotman’s most recent homonymous album, combining his classical training as a double bassist alongside his studies in electroacoustic composition to create textural and spatial works. This unique collection of instruments captures an evolving post-classical community, focusing more on experimental sources and playing with space. From unique double bass techniques, vocal and guitar performances to modular synth sounds from the Buchla 200e, custom textural tape loops and sophisticated processing techniques — these expansive industrial, dystopian soundscapes are designed to inspire contemporary cinematic scoring, ambient music, and anyone looking to create deeply atmospheric textures.


– Presented in Spitfire Audio’s award-winning dedicated plugin
– Features experimental techniques created from the double bass, vocals and guitar, processed to create unique sounds, as well as modular synth textures (from the Buchla 200e), plus granular and tape machine processing
– Designed for contemporary cinematic scoring, ambient music, anyone looking to create interesting textures and atmospheres
– The radically transformative spatial signal allows you to fade every texture into a new dimension
– ~10GB
– NKS compatible

Info: Spitfire Audio