Spitfire Audio released Thematic Horns

The new Abbey Road One’s instrument is designed for composers and musicians to emulate the moat iconic sounds of cinema

Featuring London’s first-call session players, Spitfire Audio Thematic Horns is both a riveting asset as well as an enduring addition to the Abbey Road One collection. From the wistful main theme of Braveheart to the thunderous horn section used in The Batman original theme, as well as countless other themes spanning the entire history of cinema, the horn has proven itself to be the irreplaceable heart of orchestral scoring. Horns play myriad roles, from chorale accompaniment to strings, through to punchy main themes that transcend anything the rest of the orchestra has to offer.

The first of our Film Scoring Selections to feature two legatos, this library provides an agile section of eight horns, capable of going from speedy playing with fast run articulations across dynamics to slower, stately and more lyrical performances all with the sound of cinema – Abbey Road Studio One and London’s A-list players – right out of the box. Designed to be the more acrobatic and instantly playable legato, the performance legato patch is performed with accented attacks at the front of sustains. Allowing for fast runs across every dynamic, this is very much the ‘plug in and play’ of the two legatos. The lyrical legato patch offers a more measured and deliberate alternative, with a softer entry, perfect for slower lyrical lines. The difference between how the two patches feel is significant, as is the way they each uniquely influence a composition’s melodic character. Abbey Road One Thematic Horns is available on Spitfire Audio‘s website for €49.

Info: Spitfire Audio