Steinberg: a new and exciting era begins

The German company announced a new id-based licensing system 

Steinberg will soon migrate to a new ID-based licensing system. Steinberg Licensing is an identity-based license management system, where the customer identity is at the heart of everything: just start the software, sign in with your Steinberg ID, and you’re up and running instantly — with no need for a hardware key or dongle. Steinberg Licensing will be simple, quick, and flexible.

Andreas Stelling – President of Steinberg writes:

“Dear Steinberg customers,

I am writing today because I want you to be the first to know about the start of the transition to a new method of Steinberg product licensing. Earlier this year we announced our intention to migrate to a new ID-based licensing system — Steinberg Licensing — and I can now confirm that we will begin to roll it out early next year. While this announcement might not be news to all of you, I’m sure it comes as quite a surprise to many. But, in the way of all good surprises, this one brings new benefits and has inspired us to look at things in fresh, innovative ways.

Steinberg Licensing is a big step forward, a huge milestone in further developing our vision to bring to you the best user experience. That experience includes sophisticated tools for creating music, premium content to work with, and various useful services that bring our global community together. Over time, Steinberg Licensing will be the key to unlocking enhanced opportunities and greater convenience in different areas, both within and beyond the world of Steinberg.

You will soon be introduced to Steinberg Licensing, with the release of  Dorico 4 early next year. I can also tell you that Cubase 12 has been moved to 2022, allowing it to be the next software after Dorico to harness the potential of the new system. As new versions of other products are released, they will use the new system, too.

As with all new technology, the full potential will gradually unfold.  Steinberg Licensing will be a work in progress for a while and, at first, features will be restricted. But as we move forward, more and more features will be introduced.

We are excited to be opening this new chapter and we look forward to going ahead into the future together with you.

I wish all of you the very best.”

Steinberg also says:

Steinberg Licensing will provide greater convenience, more flexibility, and enable the use of Steinberg software in new, more powerful ways. For example, single-user licenses can be activated on two computers, so software can easily be run in the studio and on the road. USB-eLicensers won't be required when traveling or when needing to work at a new location. The software can simply be downloaded and activated by sign in with a Steinberg ID.

Steinberg Licensing will be soon introduced with the release of music notation software Dorico 4 early next year, followed by the new Cubase 12.

Info: Steinberg