Fuse Audio Labs released VCS-1

A complete virtual channel-strip designed for signal enhancement and dynamics control

The VCS-1 allows you to shape signals with a triple-topology preamp offering different styles of coloration, wide-ranged high/low pass filters and a full-fledged parametric 5-band EQ. Dynamics are controlled by a luxurious compressor/limiter section and a highly practical gate/expander stage, clearly visualized by a comprehensive gain reduction and level metering panel.

The individual processing sections are enhanced by highly flexible routing options. The filters and the equalizer can operate in stereo or mid/side mode, while the side-chain of the compressor can make use of the filters, the EQ, and external control signals. An additional mix stage allows on-board parallel compression, and every single section of the VCS-1 can be individually bypassed. VCS-1 supports Pc/Mac platforms and VST/AAX and AU plug-in formats. It’s avalaible on Fuse Audio Labs‘website for introductory price of €24.50 until December 12th (regular price: €79) .

Info: Fuse Audio Labs