Tascam PortaCapture X8 is available

The new portable recorder is designed for professional creation of high-quality audio contents

The new Tascam PortaCapture X8 is a multi-track field recorder is designed for audio-content creation, equipped with four professional XLR/TRS combo inputs for mic and line level signals. The Portacapture X8 comes with two high-quality condenser microphones, each with a diameter of 14.6 mm – the largest in our lineup. Employing a detachable mechanism, both L and R mics can be flexibly attached to and detached from the main unit to form A-B or X-Y mic patterns.

Combined with the dual A/D converter, 32-bit floating point processing and sampling rates up to 192 kHz, these microphones capture everything from the quietest rustle to the loudest spectacle. For audio storage, the device accepts MicroSD cards up to 512 GB in capacity. The Portacapture X8 weighs less than 500 grams including batteries and can be mounted directly on a DSLR or camera or combined with AV rigs thanks to its rear cold shoe adapter. You can also attach it to mic stands or wireless receivers. The PortaCapture X8 can simultaneously record up to eight audio tracks in total (six individual tracks + stereo mix). Select which inputs are recorded on which tracks, apply noisegate, compression, EQ and reverb like you would do on a mixing console. Price: $499.

Info: Tascam