Using East West Opus Edition’s reverb

Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind to apply effects on your music tracks

1 – If you’re using Opus in a digital audio workstation like Logic Pro or Cubase, it’s probably best to use an external reverb.
2 – So start by creating an auxiliary track in your digital audio workstation.
3 – Now send some of the audio signal from the main track to the auxiliary track. Let’s say -9db.
4 – Now let’s apply the reverb. Use the strings specific I.R. in EastWest Spaces II from the Southern California Hall.
5 – If you’re using Spaces II as a send, be sure to turn the dry signal all the way down and the wet signal all the way.
6 – Be sure to turn off the internal reverb if you’re also using an external reverb, or it’ll sound washy and muddy.
7 – Now let’s hear it with only the external reverb.
That’s how to use reverb. Want to learn more? Watch EastWest Academy 1: The Fundamentals 

Info: EastWest