Presonus unveils MicroStation BT

Compact and stylish, MicroStation BT features a stereo monitor controller over Bluetooth 5.

The new MicroStation BT from Presonus can receive audio from a phone, tablet, or other Bluetooth source and feeds it to your full-range powered speakers. Furthermore, it can be hardwired to a powered subwoofer to create a 2.1 listening environment. Quickly pair Bluetooth-enabled device with the press of a button. A stereo ⅛-inch input enables hardwiring your audio source when you don’t want to use Bluetooth, and a Bluetooth On/Off button lets you toggle between Bluetooth and analog sources. Balanced left and right ¼-inch TRS inputs route audio from pro audio hardware, such as an audio interface, to your speakers and subwoofer.

MicroStation BT‘s control panel features a large, ergonomic Volume knob that lets you simultaneously control the overall level of your speakers and subwoofer. A Sub Bypass button mutes the subwoofer feed so you can quickly toggle between your 2.1 system and just the full-range speakers. A main Mute button with an LED status indicator let you silence your speakers or headphones without stopping the tunes.

The device allows to connect your favorite powered subwoofer using either the balanced ¼-inch TRS or unbalanced RCA Subwoofer outputs. An ⅛-inch stereo headphone/aux output lets you connect headphones or send stereo audio for streaming, recording, and more. Available for $129,95.


Info: Presonus