Two new professional studio headphones from KRK Systems

KNS-6402 and KNS-8402 are both closed-back and feature circumaural design and up to 30dBa of isolation

KRK KNS 6402 features closed-back and circumaural design that provides up to 26 dBA of isolation, which significantly reduces headphone “bleed” into the microphones when recording. Their isolation performance lets you focus on the music, without distraction from external sounds. With a maximum SPL of 122 dB, they’re capable of providing all the level you’ll ever need while remaining clear and detailed sounding, with very low distortion. 

KRK KNS 8402 boats up to 30 dBA of isolation and a maximum SPL of 124 dB. Both models features 40mm Neodymium tranducer, gold plated connectors and  accurate frequency response (5Hz-23kHz for 8402 and 10Hz-22kHz for 6402), and stereo imaging for a variety of uses: studio–tracking, editing, mixing, general listening. 

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