Applied Acoustics Systems releases the CV-1

The new modular synthesizer developed by the renowned canadian company boasts a powerful sound engine combined with a large library of modules and a user-friendly interface

Multiphonics CV-1 is a modular architecture virtual synthesizer, the latest virtual instrument proposed by the Canadian software house Applied Acoustics Systems. It is a program that runs in MacOS/Windows systems both in standalone mode and as a plug-in within DAWs and sequencers compatible with VST2/VST3, AAX and Audio Units architectures.

Equipped with a wide range of basic modules, CV-1 allows you to articulate complex synthesis architectures for the generation of any kind of sounds. Thanks to the simple and easy-to-use interface, CV-1 is particularly suitable for musicians, composers and sound designers looking for a powerful and flexible tool to use for the creation of experimental and original sounds. 

Applied Acoustics Systems Multiphonics CV-1 is avalaible on AAS site to the introductory price of $79.

Info: AAS