SoundToys Little Radiator: free up to January 2, 2023

The virtual effect is designed to emulate a classic tube mic pre-amp to finalize tracks and mixdown

You can get the Little Radiator plug-in from SoundToys website for free up to January 2 (regular price: $79), with coupon code HOLYDAYHEAT. Little Radiator is a virtual effect designed to add tube-heat for your audio tracks and mixdown. If you want a touch of 60s warmth on your tracks, reach for Little Radiator. It’s great for fattening up bass, guitar, drums, or vocals. And it’s fantastic on electric piano.

This modeled tube pre-amp from Soundtoys is based on the Altec 1566A, a simple little preamp straight out of the Motown EraLittle Radiator drives and breaks up in very interesting ways, creating rich harmonic distortion, exactly like the 1566A.

Info: SoundToys