Erica Synths released Black Joystick 2

The new module boasts 8-channel multi functional CV outputs 

Erica Synths added the new module Black Joystick 2 to Black Series. Black Joystick2 is 8 channel multi functional CV and sound source – joystick, movement recorder, distinct LFO and Drone/Noise oscillator. It provides great interaction with the modular system and allows to develop unconventional modulation patterns easily.

Erica Black Series include high-end, unique functionality and superior quality modules. Only the best, highest quality components are used, all inputs and outputs are protected against undesired overvoltage.

8 simultaneous CV outputs
2 gate outputs
4 motion record channels
Sine and Random LFOs with adjustable frequency and amplitude
Drone/Noise oscillator
Gate record
Two 4-position CV panners
Skiff friendly design
An octopus

Info: Erica Synths