Minimal Audio released a new free plug-in

Rift Filter Lite allows you to process audio signal with 24 morphing-fliters

RIFT Filter Lite is the new free plug-in effect developed from Minimal Audio. It boasts 24 custom filters perfect for adding movement and versatility to the sounds. The filter types range from classic to never-before-heard morphing, formant, notch, harmonic, and more. RIFT Filter Lite allows you to transform the sounds with precise control using tuned parameters. 

The plug-in features 4 filter types: BASIC – Standard 24db Filters. These include: Low Pass, High pass, Bandpass, Notch, Dual Notch and Peak; MORPH: filters that smoothly morph between different filter types; PEAKING: filters that use peaks and notches to create formant and phaser-like effects; HARMONIC: Filters that are based on harmonic structures and mathematical series. RIFT Filter Lite requires a 64bit AU/VST/VST3 compatible DAW or soft-sequencer; For the plug-in activation you have to create an account on Minimal Audio site. You can download RIFT Filter Lite for free here.

Info: Minimal Audio