Solid State Logic released X-Limit

 The new SSL plug-in is designed to control the loudness of tracks and busses in a click

X-Limit is a versatile audio limiting tool that allows artists, producers, and engineers to increase the loudness of tracks and busses quickly and effectively, without clipping or changing tonal balance. Featuring 4 characteristics ranging from extremely transparent to colour and glue, variable release times with renowned ‘Auto’ release, and True Peak + Lookahead algorithm for precision processing. X-Limit can be used as an invisible loudness enhancer or as a colourful limiter to add character and vibe. Its intelligent algorithms introduce minimal latency regardless of settings, making it suitable for tracking and live performance applications.

X-Limit is another addition to the ever-growing SSL Complete subscription from only $14.99 p/month (Ts &Cs apply) or is available at a cost of $99, only $69 until August 28th.

Info: Solid State Logic