Spitfire Audio released Epic Choir

The new virtual instrument features 50-piece large scale ensemble recorded at the renowned Lyndhurst Hall at AIR Studios

All the power and beauty of the human voice at your fingertips. Our largest choir recorded to date, this highly anticipated library features 50 of London’s finest singers, recorded in two sections (Sopranos & Altos/Tenors & Basses). Available in our easy-to-use plugin, Epic Choir offers instant inspiration for film and TV scoring — featuring various shorts, longs, as well as vowel-blending ‘episodic’ textures and short staccato syllables.

Offering a huge dynamic range, seamlessly shift between hauntingly quiet to raucously powerful and sublime. 12 distinctive articulations. Three signals (Close, Tree, Ethereal). The treated ‘Ethereal’ signal, made using a range of post-production FX, adds texture, brightness and width, while preserving the organic feel of the vocals. NKS compatible. ~2.9GB. Explore the endless potential of the human voice. Epic Choir is available on Spitfire Audio‘ online shop for €29.

Info: Spitfire Audio