SPL Passeq: 80% off until May 15th

A high-quality and powerfu virtual EQ for mixing, mastering and sound design

Made by Brainworx in cooperation with SPL, SPL’s Passeq has 12 switchable frequencies per band, totaling 36 boost and 36 cut frequencies. Boost and cut frequencies are NOT identical, thus the resultant 72 frequencies per channel offer an enormous choice for the most elaborate EQ curves. The Passeq offers, for the first time, passive filter control possibilities with an unheard of abundance of filter choices.

The plugin faithfully reproduces the unique sound characteristics of the original hardware Passeq. All the complex interactions between each single filter are faithfully preserved in every detail.

The combination of all this filtering power, mastering grade sonic quality, and advanced M/S processing make the SPL Passeq suitable for mix busses and mastering. 

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