SpitFire Audio released Abbey Road One: Grand Brass

A set of masterful performances  of horns and tuba captured in Abbey Road’s iconic Studio One

Performed by London’s first-call session players, Grand Brass offers exceptional performances of horns and tuba, as well as the idiomatic pairing of horns and cellos, beautifully orchestrated to allow you to create moving, stately, and momentous melodic lines. This diverse collection of techniques, including shorts, powerful longs, purposeful swells, and Spitfire Audio’s new easy-to-use legato patches, are essential for creating heroic drama and distinctive themes, all recorded in the iconic space of Studio One.

Spirfire Audio Grand Brass elegantly captures expert performances of four horns, supported by a deeply resonant tuba, sounding an octave below. For ultimate control, articulations such as legato, long, staccato, tenuto, as well as short, medium, and long swells are present and easily accessed via our dedicated plugin. With these essential techniques, this library is designed to give you not only the sharp, punchy sounds you would expect in a brass library but also lyrical performances for creating unforgettable melodic lines. SpitFire Audio Grand Brass runs into a proprietary plug-in, which loads directly into all major DAWs: VST2, VST3, AU, AAX & NKS-compatible. Price: €49.

Info: SpitFire Audio